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Heidolph Vortexer Multi Reax

A high sample throughput is one of the daily challenges that analytical laboratories have to meet. Often several analyses have to be prepared simultaneously. To simplify these processes and the general workflow, a multi-vortexer has been developed.

Heidolph Vortexer Reax control

Vortexer Reax control

All the outstanding features of the Reax Top's "little brother" can be found in this model: a rotational speed of up to 2,500 rpm and a 5 mm shaking orbit. The electronic speed control and the scaling of the speed display allow precise settings. Applications that require a determined speed are thus shaken more gently. Shear force-sensitive organisms remain particularly protected by the constant speed in the low range.  

Heidolph Vortexer Reax top

Vortexer & Accessories Reax top

This model is particularly suitable for simple mixing tasks. In short-term operation mode, the shaking motion is triggered by pressure on the test tube tray. This mode is suitable for mixing up solutions, for example. Persistent cell pellets can be dissolved gently but powerfully in continuous operation. With a speed of up to 3,200 rpm and a shaking orbit of 5 mm, reliable and uniform distribution of solids, and homogenization of highly viscous media are guaranteed.

Overhead Shakers Heidolph Reax 2

Overhead shakers Reax 2

The Reax 2 with the optional adapter for test tubes is designed for simultaneous mixing of up to 20 vessels with diameters of 10-18 mm. This corresponds to the size of classic test tubes or 15 ml Falcon tubes. Alternatively, you can insert your complete rack into the universal adapter (width: 230 mm, height min./max.: 45 mm/160 mm) of the overhead shaker.

Overhead Shakers Heidolph Reax 2 inlc. universal adaptor

Overhead Shakers Reax 2 inlc.

  • Quickly clamps in 2 vessels of any size and accepts load capacities up to 1 kg
  • Speed continuously adjustable from 20 to 100 rpm
  • Universal adaptor allows for the use of various vessels of 50 - 160-mm height
  • In addition, an optional adaptor is available for the use of 20 test tubes at a time

Overhead Shakers Heidolph Reax 20 for 4,8,12 bottles

 Overhead Shakers Reax 20

The Reax 20 is an ideal shaker for processing and storing samples that tend to sediment. The fields of application range from environmental technology to paint processing and quality assurance in the materials industry.