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Platform Shakers Heidolph Rotamax 120

Space-saving and with a load weight of up to 2 kg, this shaker can perfectly master all applications. The variably adjustable speed control (20-300 rpm) and the orbit of 20 mm guarantee homogeneous distribution. Your applications can be carried out in continuous operation or by means of a timer (max. 120 minutes).

Platform Shakers Heidolph Titramax 100

Platform Shakers Titramax 100

The gentle with a 1.5 mm shaking orbit This shaker is particularly suitable for processes in which cell cultures must be kept in gentle motion. The nutrients are excellently distributed. This is guaranteed by the 1.5 mm shaker orbit and a speed range of 150-1,350 rpm. The integrated timer can be set for up to 120 minutes; an acoustic signal sounds when the interval has expired.

Platform Shakers Heidolph Titramax 1000

Platform Shakers Titramax 1000

The largest model of the Titramax series contains all the features of the Titramax 100: a shaking orbit of 1.5 mm, speeds of up to 1,350 rpm, and a timer.

Platform Shakers Heidolph Titramax 101

Platform Shakers Titramax 101

With a capacity of four multi-well plates, the Titramax 101 ensures more intensive mixing results. With a 3 mm orbit, this model is particularly suitable for processes in which solids must be distributed or dissolved in the cavities.

Platform Shakers Heidolph Unimax 1010

Platform Shakers Unimax 1010

This shaker can be integrated into the modular incubation system, and it is therefore ideal for all temperature-controlled shaking tasks. By means of the integrated RS 232 interface and in conjunction with the software Hei-PROCESS, processes can be realized semi-automatically. In addition, it is possible to operate several shakers of this size in one climate chamber.

Platform Shakers Heidolph Unimax 2010

The Unimax 2010 is the optimal model for increased sample throughput. With a usable area of 390 x 340 mm and the possibility of a multi-story structure, space is used effectively.

Platform Shakers Heidolph Vibramax 100

Platform Shakers Vibramax 100

Due to the 3 mm orbit and the speed of 150 - 1,350 rpm, this circular vibrating shaker is ideal for suspending, for solubility studies and leaching studies.