From the compact Hei-TORQUE Core with 40 Ncm torque to the intelligent Hei-TORQUE Ultimate models (available in 100, 200 and 400 Ncm), all Heidolph overhead stirrers are very easy to operate. Equipped with the so-called Quick Chuck (quick-action chuck), it is easy to change the stirrer – without the need for extra tools.

For the stirring of aqueous to highly viscous media, we also offer a large selection of stirring tools, including the innovative VISCO JET® blades. Depending on your application parameters, we can provide you with the right stirring tool. For an easy start, we provide you with the optimal vessel characteristics of each stirring tool in tabular form.

Convince yourself of the quality, performance and reliability of our overhead stirrers, which we develop and produce exclusively in Germany. And achieve perfect homogeneity with a complete system solution.

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Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Silver Package

Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Silver Package In order to provide you with the perfect end-to-end solution for powerful stirring and the simplest

Overhead Stirrers Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Core

Heidolph's lightest overhead stirrer is here - with a torque of 40 Ncm! Thanks to its weight of 2.3 kg, the Hei-TORQUE Core is easier to carry than the other models and can be mounted on a stand and/or in various closed systems. However, this does not mean that this stirrer will be less powerful.

Overhead Stirrers Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Expert 100 200 400 Series

  • The Hei-TORQUE Expert 100 is a overhead stirrer with a wide speed range (10 - 2,000 rpm) and a maximum torque of 100 Ncm. With it you can optimally stir viscosities up to 60,000 mPas or volumes up to 50 liters (H2O).
  • With Hei-TORQUE Expert 200 you can optimally stir viscosities up to 100,000 mPas or volumes up to 50 liters (H2O). Thanks to a wide speed range from 10 to 2,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 200 Ncm, it works particularly powerful.
  • With Hei-TORQUE Expert 400 you can optimally stir viscosities up to 250,000 mPas or volumes up to 100 liters (H2O). Thanks to its 2-gear stage design, it stirs particularly powerfully in the speed range up to 400 rpm and is therefore particularly suitable for applications with highly viscous media that require mixing in the lower speed range. However, operation at speeds of up to 2,000 rpm is also possible in the second speed.

Overhead Stirrers Heidolph Hei-TORQUE Ultimate 100 200 400

The devices of the Hei-TORQUE Ultimate line are Heidolph high performance overhead stirrers.