Incubator Boekel Scientific Economy Analog Incubator, 132000, 0.8 Cu Ft

The Boekel Scientific Economy Analog Incubator is ideal for laboratories and hospitals. This economical model offers superior value for a wide range of routine applications. The lab incubator unit has a convenient see-through door. Thermometer and two shelves are included.

Incubator Boekel Scientific Economy Digital Incubator, 133000-2,133001-2 0.8 Cu Ft

Ideal for laboratories, hospitals, and pharmacies, the economy model features an LCD temperature display. Supplied with 2 shelves. The Boekel Scientific economy gravity convection digital incubator is perfect for incubating cultures, test kits, and many other research and medical procedures that require heating at an affordable price. Includes two shelves and accommodates up to four shelves. The unit has a digital temperature readout with control dial. This incubator is only available with a solid door. Great for lab benchtop's with limited space. Ideal for laboratories, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Incubator Boekel Scientific GEN2 Refrigerated Incubator, 165000, 4.0 Cu Ft

Boekel Scientific’s new touchscreen Refrigerated Incubator was designed to be the most advanced incubator for microbiologic work. The thermoformed plastic interior is easy to clean and has a capacity to hold over 80 BOD bottles. Thermoelectric cooling and an advanced control system ensure that this incubator is suitable for most research and environmental laboratories

Incubator Boekel Scientific TTT Small Digital Incubator, 135000-2, 0.34 Cu Ft

Boekel Scientific introduces a forced air convection incubator for temperature sensitive applications. Specifically designed for maximum temperature stability and uniformity the TTT incubator or “Tight Temperature Tolerance” incubator uses mechanical convection and an optimized configuration. Ideal for waste water/water quality testing, microbiological testing, or any small sample temperature sensitive process. The TTT incubator includes a removable shelf, a large viewing window and an easy to use digital control system with a configurable alarm and timer. The TTT is recommended for use with plates, trays and 100ml samples in testing for heterotrophic bacteria including coliform, enterococci, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. The 0.34 cubic foot (9.62l) unit can hold twelve 120mL bottles or eight 250ml bottles or multiple trays and plates. Boekel incubators are used worldwide in research and medical institutes, water quality testing laboratories, food and beverage quality control labs.