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Hollow fiber filter modules for tangential flow filtration (TFF) from Repligen are industry standards in the filtration and concentration of biologics.  Manufactured in compliance with ISO guidelines, the filters are used in thousands of Krosflo® TFF Systems and XCell™ ATF Systems worldwide, as well as other industry hollow fiber TFF systems.

Hollow fiber filter TFF modules are offered with a broad range of sizes, surface areas and membrane chemistries designed to facilitate easy scale-up from small volume process development and R&D applications to commercial production.  During scale-up, adding more fibers to process larger volumes enables consistency in the length of the filtration flow path even while the surface area of the filter is increased.

4 Membrane Materials : modified Polyethersulfone (mPES), Mixed Cellulose Ester (ME), Polysulfone (PS) and Polyethersulphone (PES).

  • MicroKros : for process characterization, small-volume TFF in a laboratory. Volumes ranging from 1 to 100 ml.
  • MidiKros : for process development at small scale. Volumes ranging from 100 ml to 3 L.