Heidolph - Hei-VAP Expert
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Heidolph Hei-VAP Expert
Precise setting of rotation speed and heating bath temperature on the digital touch display or for quick access during an active process directly via the knobs on the operating panel.

  • Central operating panel with 5“touch display
  • Clear display of all values (Basic and Advanced modes)
  • With timer, limitation of max. temperature, multilingual menu and text display for error messages
  • Separate knobs for rotation and heating with locking function to prevent accidental readjusting
  • LED ring lights and pictogram to display the activity even from a distance
  • Integrated solvent library to facilitate adjustment of the required vacuum on an external vacuum controller
  • USB and Micro SD interfaces
  • Optional display of vapor temperature
  • Subsequent upgrade to Hei-VAP Expert Control possible, including vacuum and chiller control