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  • Kera-Disk® hotplate combines the benefits of aluminum top plate & ceramic coating
  • Hermetically-sealed housing protects all mechanical and electronic components
  • Heating power 800W reduce heat-uptime by 35%
  • This unit features a digital display, easy setting and monitoring
  • Digital speed setting from 100-1,400 rpm and tempearture up to 300 °C
  • Independent safety circuit if hotplate temperature exceeds 25 °C over set temperature
  • A separate on/off switch for heating prevents an unintentional heat-up. If heating is switched on the on/off button is illuminated for visual control. In addition, a residual heat indicator prevents from burning hazards when heat function is switched off
  • Upgrade with the optional Pt 1000 temperature sensor for precise tempearture control, overshoot protection and reproducible results