EIGHT is enough! Introducing the new NanoDrop Eight

Nanodrop 8

Quantify your samples with confidence using the NanoDrop Eight Multichannel Spectrophotometer. This is the next generation NanoDrop mulitichannel instrument with improved hardware and the best software features from the Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop™ One/OneC spectrophotometer.

Acclaro Contaminant Identification ensures samples are high quality
Know the true concentration of your nucleic acid or protein without the interfering effects of sample contaminants. Understanding your sample composition helps downstream experiments go right the first time.

  • Contaminant identification – recognizes common contaminants in nucleic acid and protein samples that could inhibit downstream reactions or falsely elevate calculated concentrations
  • Corrected calculations – applies chemometric algorithms to determine the true concentration of your analyte without the contaminant
  • Differentiate DNA from RNA – algorithms can identify mammalian RNA contaminating a dsDNA sample or mammalian dsDNA contaminating an RNA sample

NanoDrop Eight spectrophotometer enhancements

  • Wider dynamic range – measure higher concentration samples without dilution – up to 10,000 ng/µL dsDNA or 145 mg/mL IgG
  • Auto-Measure and Auto-Blank functions – multi-sample processing can be streamlined with instant measurements that occur when the pedestal arm is down. These functions can be turned ON or OFF
  • Ergonomic ambidextrous pipetting – Pedestal array is aligned perpendicular to the front of the instrument creating a natural pipetting motion for users; the pipette guide is magnetic and movable from side-to-side allowing left- and righthanded users to quickly and comfortably dispense samples
  • Automated exports for LIMS – set a directory for data to be automatically exported; have your LIMS software sweep the folder to pull in NanoDrop Eight instrument data for archiving

Regulatory compliance made easy
Optional Thermo Scientific™ SciVault™ Software helps your lab stay compliant with US FDA data regulations every step of the way.

  • Streamline management –SciVault Software integrates into NanoDrop Eight Software user interface
  • Comply with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Regulation – Control user account access, apply digital signatures, and review audit logs
  • Network multiple instruments – Install SciVault Software on a central computer to control privileges and view audit logs across multiple NanoDrop Eight Instruments in different labs
  • Validate your systems – IQ/OQ documents and services available to confirm your instrument is running within manufacturer’s specifications

Software updates to make your time more productive

  • Ready to start – NanoDrop Eight Software comes hard-coded with the most frequently used measurement applications including dsDNA, RNA, Protein A280, and UV-Vis
  • Always improving – user input keeps NanoDrop Software constantly moving forward with updates that deliver greater capabilities and efficiencies in the lab. Visit thermoscientific.com/nanodropsw to see and download the latest software applications. Register your instrument there as well so you won’t miss any enhancements.