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VELP DK 8 Digestion Unit

Kjeldahl Digestion Units with 8-position aluminum heating block that offers an excellent thermal homogeneity.

VELP DK 6 Digestion Unit

Thermal homogeneity and precision The DK 6 Series digestion unit with aluminum heating block ensures high thermal homogeneity heating up to

Photoelectron Spectrometer JEOL JPS-9030

The JPS-9030 is equipped with a newly-designed user interface that further improves operability and also debuts a sophisticated, new modern and sleek exterior design.

Electron Probe Microanalyzer JEOL JXA-iSP100

Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA) has been utilized as a tool for research development and quality assurance in a variety of industrial fields such as steel, automobile, electric component, battery material and its application are expanding more and more. In addition, in academic fields, EMPA has been widely used in earth planetary science and material science, and the future contribution can be expected to applications including various advanced researches covering material energy research such as minerals and various new materials. In response, “simpler” and “faster” use of instrument, accessible to anyone is in demand while maintaining the high performance of microanalysis. JXA-iHP200F and JXA-iSP100 are integrated EPMAs with enhanced features, satisfying these needs and achieving more efficient operations from observation to analysis.

High Throughput Analytical Electron Microscope JEOL JEM-ACE200F

The JEM-ACE200F is an electron microscope responding to the system allowing for an operator to obtain data without operating the electron microscope by creating recipes for operation workflow. Since the JEM-ACE200F inherits hardware technologies of the JEM-ARM200F high-end TEM and the JEM-F200 multi-purpose FE-TEM, this new high throughput analytical electron microscope provides superbly high stability and analytical capabilities with a renewed sophisticated exterior design.